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Welcome to this newly created blog that will hopefully offer a window into the maintenance operation of the Hamilton Golf Club.

Most golfers never get the opportunity to learn about the behind the scenes aspect of maintaining a golf course. The aim of this blog is to pull back the curtain on certain procedures and also communicate to people the reasoning behind key decisions.

Some stuff being shared on here may be of a technical nature while other posts may focus more on general musings and random thoughts. As we feel our way into this, we would welcome feedback and any suggestions for topics people would like to see covered. Greenkeeping and the world of golf in general are broad subjects and offer a wide range of discussion points.

With the seasonal fluctuations in workload, posting may be more prolific during certain periods and slower during others. While this communication tool is viewed as important, course work will naturally be given priority.

Thank you for coming along with us on this ride. Blogging is not widely adopted by the greenkeeping industry here in NZ so it is exciting to be dipping the toes into this part of the social media universe. Like anything new, there will be much to be learned and adjustments made along the way. Bear with us as things get refined and we work on delivering the best content we can.

Good golfing!

The Maintenance Team
Hamilton Golf Club


  1. Hi Team. Congratulations Grant on this innovative step (the Blog). I wish you and the team every success. I have a comment on pin placements in general and in particular the one that was on the par 3 14th yesterday (10/5) which to me appeared to be set on a slope. My understanding is that there are some guidelines set out by the R&A ( relating to this. How and when are pin placements decided and who makes them please. What is your general comment on our greens is so far as the pin placement locations they afford. Many thanks. Jeff Patchett

    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the feedback, its good to know the information is being well received. Regarding the hole location on 14, we had positioned it with respect to the fact that the greens were slower after coring. Higher green speeds do greatly reduce available locations so it is good to use a few positions that dont normally see play to spread the wear. We will aim to more fully detail hole locations and course set up in a future blog post so keep an eye out for it. Also, if you see me on the course feel free to ask some questions and I will endevour to provide the answers. Cheers. Grant


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