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Freyberg Masters - Course Preparation and Ongoing Impacts

 Phew, we made it through the recent Freyberg Masters! The flags representing all the provinces who took part in the Freyberg Masters Hosting high profile New Zealand Golf events is a great experience and creates valuable exposure for a club. Having players from all parts of the country come and spend time at our venue and see what we can offer is an opportunity to have on display all facets of the operation from the Bar and Catering through to the Proshop. Feedback from the teams was incredibly positive with everyone enjoying their time at the Hamilton Golf Club. Naturally, to have everything line up for such a specific time frame, there is a huge amount of work and pre planning that takes place behind the scenes. With this in mind, we felt it would be a good chance to share what went into the course preparation both before and during the tournament and what is required coming out the other side. T minus 18 months Once we learned that we would be hosting the Freyberg, it was very impo

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