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Poa vs Browntop

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about the conversion of the greens from Poa to Browntop. Many debates have taken place as to the benefits and value of the continuation of this program and whether or not it should be continued. Certainly, strong views exist as to peoples personal preference but there also seems to be an element of misunderstanding forming the basis for some opinions.

Lets take this opportunity to try and introduce some good information about the pros and cons and offer some behind the scenes type insight into this discussion.

Whats the difference?

Good question.

A Poa Annua plant with visible seed heads

Poa, (Poa Annua for those who enjoy botanical names) is an annual grass species capable of invading and existing anywhere conditions are favourable. A prolific seeder (estimates of up to 200,00 seeds per square metre), poa germinates in Autumn when temperatures cool and consistent moisture is available. Present through Autumn, Winter and Spring, Poa…

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